Every coffee bean is carefully selected

    June 20
    Fiecare boabă de cafea este atent aleasă

    Each coffee bean used by Nuvia Coffee undergoes a careful selection process to ensure the highest quality and flavor. The Nuvia Coffee team understands the importance of bean selection in creating an exceptional coffee experience. Here's an insight into their meticulous selection process:

    - Sourcing from Renowned Origins: Nuvia Coffee scours renowned coffee growing regions around the world to find the best beans. They prioritize origins known for producing exceptional coffee, such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Colombia and more. Each origin brings its own unique flavors and characteristics to the final cup.

    - Bean Quality Assessment: Once potential sources are identified, Nuvia Coffee rigorously assesses the quality of the beans. This involves evaluating factors such as size, density, moisture content, color and overall appearance. Only beans that meet their strict quality standards move on to the next stage.

    - Cupping and Tasting Sessions: To further refine its selection, Nuvia Coffee engages in cupping and tasting sessions. Cupping involves the professional evaluation of coffee samples for aroma, flavor, body, acidity and aftertaste. These sessions help identify the most promising beans that exhibit desired characteristics.

    - Establishing relationships with farmers: Nuvia Coffee values ​​long-term relationships with coffee farmers. By establishing direct trading partnerships and working closely with farmers, they gain insight into growing practices, harvesting techniques and the overall journey of beans from farm to cup. This collaborative approach ensures transparency and fosters mutual growth.

    - Sustainability and ethical considerations: Nuvia Coffee emphasizes sustainable and ethical practices throughout the sourcing process. They prioritize ecological farming methods, fair compensation for farmers and social responsibility. By supporting sustainable coffee production, Nuvia Coffee contributes to the longevity of the industry and the well-being of the communities involved.

    Through their careful selection process, Nuvia Coffee ensures that only the finest beans with exceptional flavors and characteristics make it to their roaster. By meticulously evaluating and sourcing beans from renowned origins, they are able to create a truly remarkable coffee experience for their customers.

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