BEM-TE-VI - Brazilian Coffee
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BEM-TE-VI - Brazilian Coffee

Quantity: 250gr
This coffee is from the Alta Mogiana Region of Brazil.
It is 100% Arabica and naturally processed.
The Flavor is 
molasses, honey, chocolate and caramel.
The acidity level is medium to high with an intense body and prolonged aftertaste.
It has delicate notes, incomparable flavor with a Screen Score of 16 and above.

69,99 lei
Store-bought coffee can often be bitter, too acidic, light or over roasted, all of which don't come close to the intense experience you'll get when drinking specialty coffee.

- Freshly made (Only freshly roasted coffee is fulfilled with your order and it continues to stay fresh for weeks reaching the best outcome after two weeks. Most baristas agree that consuming your coffee beans anywhere between 7-21 days after the stated roast date will give you the best-tasting coffee.)

- Highest quality (Our coffee is grown in the best regions of the world with careful and personal care taken in the entire process. You will know the coffee farm and the farmers that handle the entire process)

- Delivered to your door (Your coffee is delivered to you within 24-48 hours after your order so it is at its optimum best when you get it and stays that way for weeks)

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